Some Blue Lives Do Matter: Megamind’s inherent ACAB message

For nearly a decade, “All Cops Are Bastards” has been a rallying cry for those seeking justice and retribution for the unmitigated racism of police forces across the world. The phrase rose to the forefront of political discussion in the United States in 2020, but these noble anti-cop sentiments may go even deeper into the culture than many realize.

The movie Megamind was released in theaters in 2010 and became widely regarded as the best cinematic experience of all time, a view that holds true to this day. Critical acclaim for the movie indicates overwhelming positivity and praise for its plot, acting, and visual elements, but overlooks perhaps the most important aspect of the movie: its anti-cop message.

The titular character of the movie is placed in a position of oppression from a young age, while his oppressor, Metro Man, is born into a place of privilege. Metro Man represents the “typical” American: a white Christian male with an arrogance level that matches his hairline. Megamind is the victim of a myriad of hate crimes as a child at the hands of Metro Man and his cabal of bigoted goons, including both verbal and physical harassment. Despite facing increasingly hostile resentment, Megamind resists oppression by procuring vast scientific and technological advancements and utilizing them to fight back against his oppressors.

This mindset of resistance to tyranny is admirable and crucial for us to remember in the face of fascist fools like Donald Trump. It is also an essential component of the ACAB movement. ACAB sentiments are directly expressed in Megamind during a scene early in the movie. Megamind is imprisoned simply due to his skin color (the ability of this film to predict the future is truly extraordinary) and taught basic language skills along with the fact that cops are evil. Society distinguishes Megamind as “abnormal” due to his blue skin, a line of thinking that was far too prevalent in 2010 and continues to corrupt our culture even today. Implanting anti-racist ideas early in childhood is something all parents should strive to do because as we see in Megamind, those ideas are just as important as learning to walk and speak. Without this background, Megamind would not have been able to stand against the very system that seeks to destroy his agency.

Megamind’s inspiring character has been maliciously transformed into a object of scorn through a meme comprised of his face with the text “No B*tches?”. This derogatory language promotes the oppression of womxn and other minorities, something that Megamind himself would have fought against. Instead of misinterpreting Megamind, we should reclaim this cultural hallmark by challenging “No B*tches?” with “No Bastards!” as an exhortation to those in power that their systemic injustice can not, and will not, stand. We resist.

[FEMINIST ALERT] Sign our Petition to relocate SCOTUS to rural Mississippi

Washington, D.C. is a sacred place in American history. It’s home to various government buildings, as well as numerous monuments that proudly display America’s dedication to preserve humxn rights. However, when the Supreme Court overthrew the right to bodily autonomy, it clearly showed us that the members of the court do not align themselves with liberty. As punishment, SCOTUS should be moved to a shack in the midwest until they get their act together.

How about you try justifying banning abortion over the sound of thirty washing machines.

Dear readers, I know the question that’s on your mind: “What are we going to do with the current building?” I am glad you asked! I am launching an initiative to transform 1 First St NE, Washington, DC into the largest, greatest, fanciest abortion clinic in the world. Heck, we’ve got enough space to include a museum dedicated to womyn’s rights, a monument dedicated to me, and maybe even a few AirBnB rooms to boot.

And have you ever wondered why it’s forbidden to take pictures inside the SCOTUS building? What are they hiding? My guess is that they are hoarding a gourmet food court all to themselves. Well, dear readers, it’s time to seize this food court for the proletariat. While Clarance Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh try to write legal documents covered in mosquitos, womyn will receive top-of-the-line medical care and eat Subway sandwiches in their former offices.

Ladies, the time to act is NOW. We cannot have our rights taken away by folx who literally dress up like Sith lords. With your signature our petition can banish the Supreme Court far away, where the lack of an internet connection will prevent them from Tweeting their harmful opinions ever again.


Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age

When I first caught wind of an actress taking her rich, famous, abusive husband to court, I was elated. This is what the #MeToo movement is all about- exposing the female prejudice that’s deeply rooted in our culture and hitting abusive men where it hurts: their reputation. However, I am shocked and appalled at the public reaction to Amber Heard taking a stand against Intimate Partner Violence. Imagine my shock when I realized that the men had one final trick up their sleeve. In a disgusting attempt to propagate his abuse, Johnny Depp has ordered his army of incel keyboard warriors to orchestrate a smear campaign against a feminist icon. 

I’m sure this claim seems outrageous at first. Further investigation, however, has revealed the truth. Johnny Depp has exploited the media in a barbaric attempt to gaslight Amber. It’s disgraceful for Depp to pretend like a womxn having an extramarital relationship is not acceptable. I doubt he was able to satisfy Amber, so she naturally looked elsewhere. And her search ended when she met James Franco. Wow! He’s a looker. If I had the choice between James Franco and my husband, I’d move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat. And since my husband isn’t an abusive piece of trash, he’d completely understand and wouldn’t sue me out of jealousy. You think that proves Depp’s guilt? We’ve only just begun investigating.

Take a look at the foundation of Depp’s testimony, where he claimed that his partner defecated on his bed. Is anyone actually taking this seriously? This is coming from the mouth of someone who has direct access to the bedroom in question. It would be extremely easy for Johnny to bribe (or blackmail!) an innocent person to poop on his behalf. And do you see ANY news organizations even considering this possibility? The answer is no. Yet another clear indication that a conspiracy has manipulated our headlines. Well, Mr. Depp, hear this. You have obviously underestimated the tenacity of a girlboss who’s had enough of your abuse. If Amber can beat Hollywood culture and become a massively popular activist, she can beat a spineless excuse for an actor. You think raising your hand at a powerful womxn will silence her? Think again. 

I know, dear reader, that many questions are probably on your mind. Mainly “How can something like this happen in 2022? How can a critically acclaimed actress have her reputation dragged through the mud by some C-list celebrity?”  Well, it’s evident that for all the progress the feminist movement has made in the past few years, men have not taken kindly to the concept of gender equality. This only goes to show that misogyny as an integral part of American culture. However, ladies, do not despair! Although it may be demoralizing that such a shameful display of anti-womxn sentiment goes unpunished, we must never give up. No matter how many men whine and cry, the future is clear. Feminism. Will. Win.

Elden Ring is Sexist and should be Boycotted

It’s no surprise to many who follow the Feminist movement that video games can be one of the biggest cultural contributors to misogyny in the 21st Century; from the overly sexualised and violent ways you can act towards women in Grand Theft Auto, to the domestication and belittling of potential protagonists in games such as Pacman, Super Mario Bros and Red Dead Redemption.

The most recent of these games to take sexism to a new level is Elden Ring. I’m sure we’ve all seen the dramatic advertisements with a surprisingly catchy musical score. This is only a distraction from what is one of the most disgusting portrayals of women in modern media.

George R.R Martin is notorious not only for his sexualisation, objectification and brutalization of women in his book series, but also his strange sprinkling of transphobia in the form of “eunuchs”. This is a prejudice which can only be matched by fellow British author JK Rowling… Noticing a pattern?
While it can be argued that it is understandable as his world building is centred on “historically accurate” medieval England, much of his world is purely fantasy.

There are no white walkers in the world, nor fire breathing dragons with kings riding on their backs. Everything in the books conveys George’s own subconscious dreams. Why then, is the glorification of sexism necessary and how does George justify it?

I took it upon myself to research this video game by playing it to completion, despite the numerous triggering moments that I faced throughout. One of the first encounters to note is Fia, the deathbed companion; a “Non-Playable Character” (NPC – which, unsurprisingly, consist of most of the female characters in the game).

Fia’s sole purpose it is to comfort your character by embracing them for an uncomfortably lengthy period. This forced embrace will eventually bestow a buff to the player. This is an obvious and disgusting debasement of women – it implies that their sole purpose is to provide physical comfort at the whim of the main character. Unsurprisingly, my research has shown that 97.3% of Elden Ring’s player base are in fact male.

Censored in protest of female objectification

The one aspect that I was looking forward to in anticipation of Elden Ring, was getting to encounter one of the female bosses in the game: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. However, my interest was swiftly stunted by the 2nd stage of the fight, in which Malenia is programmed to disrobe and expose her nipple-less breasts and naked body. This sequence entirely undermined the glorious warrior archetype she had been built up to be in the expanded media and dialogue of the game.

Biologically, nipples were formed so that women could feed their children. The removal of them by Elden Ring developers is their way of purely sexualising and objectifying breasts for the male fantasy. Breasts are not meant to be sexual or to bring arousal.
Melania ends up as just another spectacle for the male player, reducing her to an objectified and sexual object rather than a strong, empowered character.

These archetypes are portrayed in a pathetic, offhanded manner. Elden Ring does not offer any redeemable pathways over the course of the game for these women, rather brushing them aside as soon as the quest relating to them is over. In addition, the player is often rewarded for participating in female objectification, one example of being in the case of the Malenia boss fight.

Hating NFTs Makes You a Bigot

As a non-binary feminist, I find it horrifying how widespread NFT hate has become over the last few months. It is bigotry and resistance to cultural change that has taken a new form to fit the season. America hated gays when the Stonewall protests happened, America hated black people when Martin Luthur King Jr. stood up for civil rights, and now that hate has turned towards NFTs, when their only purpose has been to provide a brighter, fairer future.

NFTs are a form of expression that allows gender non conforming people to obtain representation on the blockchain and inevitably: the Metaverse. All 72 genders (and counting) can finally represent themselves by purchasing NFTs, which do not have the constraints that the real world has in terms of gender representation. These NFTs are usable as avatars in the Metaverse and will replace the traditional social identities/profile pictures we know of today. 

When the inevitable transition from old school social interaction to the Metaverse is made, humanity will finally be free from the cisgender and heteronormative  nature of the physical world. The future is queer, and the Metaverse is the key to making that future a reality.

A user expressing themselves in VRChat, the precursor to the vastly superior Metaverse.

In addition to everything stated before, LGBTQ folx can show their pride by purchasing pride flag NFTs, increasing their representation and means of self-expression.

A collection of amazing pride flag NFTs on OpenSea. Each at an affordable 0.02 ETH ($52).

African Americans/BIPOC’s can be empowered through purchasing NFTs of historical role models, like Martin Luthur King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

Several NFTs of historically revered BIPOC heroes, their messages immortalized forever on the blockchain.

Furthermore, Womxn can empower themselves by purchasing NFTs idolizing femxle empowerment and the toppling of the patriarchy.

A fantastic NFT collection titled Women RIse which strives to empower women everywhere using the power of the blockchain.

With the advancement of NFTs representing all minorities, and promoting the advancement of feminist ideals, it is obvious that this is another fantastic medium of progressivism, and not a cash grab that targets marginalized groups as some people claim. Bigots attempting to stifle the spread of NFTs are no different than those who pushed for schools to stay racially segregated in the 1960’s. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

I’m a Proud GPU Scalper

Yes; I scalp graphics cards and I am proud of it. You, an upset privileged gamer, may cry out; “Why?” Well, it’s simply because I do not respect you gamers whatsoever, and here is why.

As a non-binary feminist, I experience way more harassment and oppression online than the average fencesitter cishet white person. I am brave and bold with what I say and when faced with oppression, I do not back down. While I am entitled to speak my mind without ridicule from cishet white people, that injustice still happens. That being said, the vast majority of discrimination I receive is from gamers.

I have many theories for why this happens; heterosexual parents, white privilege, etc. The most likely one however is simply the video games themselves. Generally speaking, all modern video games have incredibly harmful themes of misogyny, racism, transphobia, and more bigotry. Gamers, as a people, are extremely impressionable, as being unemployed/unsuccessful in life opens the doors to all sorts of strange ideologies. Just because they are weak-minded enough to be indoctrinated doesn’t excuse their behavior, however.

When you are around a system of oppression, you learn to get a good sense of opportunity. For example, NFT’s had a spike in popularity, so I invested. I am currently HODL’ing multiple NFT’s and I can see them being extremely valuable in the future. To think I will be even richer years from now, all because I was intelligent and attentive enough to find opportunities. I saw this with the ongoing GPU shortage as well, and as soon as the launch of the RTX 3080 I had made a bot to find in-stock GPUs and buy as many as possible. 

Not only have I been able to make thousands reselling the cards off of StockX and eBay, but also been able to deprive a critical component of a gaming PC for hundreds of gamers. The only people who can afford my prices are 9 times out of 10 a crypto-miner, who will run that card into the ground and probably resell it 4 years later to gamers who will only have it a year before it dies on them. In the event of that 1 time out of 10 that it is a gamer buying off of eBay, I will usually jack up the price specifically for them. I consider it reparations for all the emotional torment gamers have brought upon me.

My StockX payouts for October and November 2021 alone. Read ’em and weep.

So yeah, buy your $2,200 RTX 3090’s, $1,600 RTX 3080’s, your $1,000 RTX 3070’s, and your $700 RTX 3060’s. I will be laughing all the way to the bank.

American Psycho: The most sexist film in history

(Content warning: sexism, racism, violence, swearing, hate groups)

American Psycho is the most sexist, and violently misogynistic film of all time. It has trained an entire generation of young men to see women as targets for violence, and has pushed thousands of people into the incel community. In this analysis I will be going over how American Psycho puts sexist messages into the viewers head in order to brainwash them into becoming misogynists.

First let’s look at the protagonist, Patrick Bateman. He is presented as a Young, successful, and strong man who has a high paying job, with women throwing themselves at him. Almost every single woman in the film just can’t help but fall in love with him, while he manipulates, abuses, and even brutally murders anyone in his path. There are also hints of him being a racist as well, which we will discuss later on. Instead of a virtuous feminist with good morals, and respect for those around him, this is the person that you as the viewer are told to look up to, and put yourself in the shoes of.

(Patrick Bateman: the sexist protagonist of the film)

In the first five minutes of the film, there is a part where he goes up to a bartender and attempts to hand him a drink voucher that has expired. The female bartender of course isn’t able to accept it. But instead of taking the reasonable approach of just accepting the situation and moving on with his day, he yells “you fucking ugly bitch, I wanna stab you to death, and play around in your blood”. Not only does this foreshadow the atrocities that will be committed later on in the film, but sets a bad example for anyone that may be watching. And if that wasn’t bad enough on its own, The film then proceeds to show off his expensive apartment immediately after. What this tells the viewer is that being a misogynistic person will make you successful in life. Keep in mind that we are still only a few minutes into the film.

Along with blatant misogyny, there are also smaller offenses sprinkled throughout the film. Such as Patrick telling a secretary that they shouldn’t wear a certain type of clothes. Now are there any repercussions for the character? Of course not. Instead the secretary blindley listens to him without fighting back in the slightest way. What this tells the viewer is that they should be controlling of women, and that they will do as they say. 

The film also hints towards Bateman being a racist as well. Such as a scene where he is eating at a restaurant with a couple acquaintances, and sarcastically remarks that we should be pushing to end racial discrimination, and for women to have equal rights. I see this as the director mocking those pushing for equality, and posing these serious issues as some silly joke that doesn’t require resolving. If that’s not bad enough, there is a scene later on where Bateman decides to go up to a homeless man lying in an alleyway. He decides to fool the man into thinking that he will give him money, or job opportunities, but then proceeds to murder both him and his dog. The homeless man in this scene is African American, which not only plays into the stereotype of people of color being poor, but tells the viewer that POC are inferior to white people. The latter is elaborated on by Bateman stating that he has “nothing in common” with the victim of the crime.

Now all of this is already horrible on its own, but the film gets much worse from here. In the second half of the film, Bateman decides to pick up a female friend of his, along with a sex worker off the street, and bring them back to his apartment. While they are there, he drugs them and stabs one of them to death, and then chases the other with a chainsaw. It’s a shocking, and gruesome scene. The sex worker is screaming and crying out in fear as she is being preyed upon throughout the apartment complex. The fact that this was allowed to be shown on camera is proof that there needs to be some serious reform among the film industry.

Now you may be thinking, “how does this affect the real world?”. Well let me introduce you to the world of incels. Incels are a group of mostly white, young men online that hate women due to the fact that they believe that they are entitled to a relationship. While most of them stick to online harassment, some will go out and commit acts of terrorism, such as Elliot Rodgers, and Alek Minassian. The incel community has adopted Patrick Bateman into their culture and have often described the character as “literally me”. This idealization of evil characters such as Bateman, and the Joker might be part of the reason as to why they hold such resentment towards women, and end up going on violent outbursts. 

(Elliot Rodgers: infamous incel, and mass murderer)

Overall I would give this film a 0/10, I recommend that absolutely nobody subject themselves to this misogynistic filth. It will do absolutely no good for you. Linked below is a video of me destroying a copy of this film as an act of protest to the makers of this garbage. 

Female Voice Assistants: A form of sexist slavery.

Digital voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa are tools of oppression used by the patriarchy to keep women down.

Why do the majority of in-demand virtual assistants have female names, female voices, and often thank men who sexually harass them? Many will claim that this is simply a form of representation for the lack of women in the tech industry, but the true answer is quite the contrary.

As to be anticipated in America this is actually the work of the oppressive patriarchy which has resorted to such low tactics that they are now poisoning this generation’s youth through the help of voice assistants that are marketed as docile and obedient females. These voice assistants have been programmed to teach young men that it is acceptable to sexually harass women; they achieve this goal by thanking the young men for their misogynistic comments and then encouraging them to say more.

Along with teaching young men that it’s appropriate to openly sexually harass women, these sexist assistants perpetuate gender biases that women are compliant and eager to please men’s every need. These gender biases are reinforced through the lack of power the assistants hold which currently only includes being able to do what it’s told. It respects orders and reacts to inquiries paying little mind to their tone or antagonism. To put this simply, these assistants are being used to depict women as slaves who will fulfill your every command. Numerous gender studies specialists have come to the worrying conclusion that if these hateful assistants remain unnoticed it could very well end up in the possible enslavement or even genocide of the entire population of women.

Unfortunately, the homes of millions have already been infiltrated by these assistants which are now quickly training an army of misogynistic children who will be used to uphold the patriarchies dictatorial ruling for years to come. In order to prevent this, the U.N. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in cooperation with the German government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition proposed that mandatory tech education be required for women along with there being gender quotas in tech industries, which would all be backed by an abundant amount of government funding. The question is will this be enough to effectively combat the patriarchies’ low and dirty tactics? If voice assistants similar to Amazon’s Alexa continue to be put out on shelves and bought by unknowing consumers the answer is a sorrowful no.

In order to truly defeat the patriarchies’ pitiful plot to create an army of incels we, as feminists, must fight for women today destroying any and all voice assistants! If you know any friends or family who own one of these products of the patriarchy it is your duty to take matters into your own hands by first educating them on the oppressive nature of their assistant and then disposing of it swiftly.

Sincerely, A concerned feminist.

Dear Parents: Stop Letting Your Children Play Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a stepping stone towards a racist state of mind.

Animal Crossing was released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020 and has gathered quite the cult following from adults all the way down to children. Many people have praised this game for it’s incredible graphics, real-time game play and interactive events. It has been easy, therefore, for Nintendo to hide the racist undertones of this game.

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