Elden Ring is Sexist and should be Boycotted

It’s no surprise to many who follow the Feminist movement that video games can be one of the biggest cultural contributors to misogyny in the 21st Century; from the overly sexualised and violent ways you can act towards women in Grand Theft Auto, to the domestication and belittling of potential protagonists in games such as Pacman,Continue reading “Elden Ring is Sexist and should be Boycotted”

Hating NFTs Makes You a Bigot

As a non-binary feminist, I find it horrifying how widespread NFT hate has become over the last few months. It is bigotry and resistance to cultural change that has taken a new form to fit the season. America hated gays when the Stonewall protests happened, America hated black people when Martin Luthur King Jr. stoodContinue reading “Hating NFTs Makes You a Bigot”