Hating NFTs Makes You a Bigot

As a non-binary feminist, I find it horrifying how widespread NFT hate has become over the last few months. It is bigotry and resistance to cultural change that has taken a new form to fit the season. America hated gays when the Stonewall protests happened, America hated black people when Martin Luthur King Jr. stood up for civil rights, and now that hate has turned towards NFTs, when their only purpose has been to provide a brighter, fairer future.

NFTs are a form of expression that allows gender non conforming people to obtain representation on the blockchain and inevitably: the Metaverse. All 72 genders (and counting) can finally represent themselves by purchasing NFTs, which do not have the constraints that the real world has in terms of gender representation. These NFTs are usable as avatars in the Metaverse and will replace the traditional social identities/profile pictures we know of today. 

When the inevitable transition from old school social interaction to the Metaverse is made, humanity will finally be free from the cisgender and heteronormative  nature of the physical world. The future is queer, and the Metaverse is the key to making that future a reality.

A user expressing themselves in VRChat, the precursor to the vastly superior Metaverse.

In addition to everything stated before, LGBTQ folx can show their pride by purchasing pride flag NFTs, increasing their representation and means of self-expression.

A collection of amazing pride flag NFTs on OpenSea. Each at an affordable 0.02 ETH ($52).

African Americans/BIPOC’s can be empowered through purchasing NFTs of historical role models, like Martin Luthur King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

Several NFTs of historically revered BIPOC heroes, their messages immortalized forever on the blockchain.

Furthermore, Womxn can empower themselves by purchasing NFTs idolizing femxle empowerment and the toppling of the patriarchy.

A fantastic NFT collection titled Women RIse which strives to empower women everywhere using the power of the blockchain.

With the advancement of NFTs representing all minorities, and promoting the advancement of feminist ideals, it is obvious that this is another fantastic medium of progressivism, and not a cash grab that targets marginalized groups as some people claim. Bigots attempting to stifle the spread of NFTs are no different than those who pushed for schools to stay racially segregated in the 1960’s. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

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