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Some Blue Lives Do Matter: Megamind’s inherent ACAB message

For nearly a decade, “All Cops Are Bastards” has been a rallying cry for those seeking justice and retribution for the unmitigated racism of police forces across the world. The phrase rose to the forefront of political discussion in the United States in 2020, but these noble anti-cop sentiments may go even deeper into the…

[FEMINIST ALERT] Sign our Petition to relocate SCOTUS to rural Mississippi

Washington, D.C. is a sacred place in American history. It’s home to various government buildings, as well as numerous monuments that proudly display America’s dedication to preserve humxn rights. However, when the Supreme Court overthrew the right to bodily autonomy, it clearly showed us that the members of the court do not align themselves with…

Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age

When I first caught wind of an actress taking her rich, famous, abusive husband to court, I was elated. This is what the #MeToo movement is all about- exposing the female prejudice that’s deeply rooted in our culture and hitting abusive men where it hurts: their reputation. However, I am shocked and appalled at the…

Hate Speech is NOT Free Speech

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