Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age

When I first caught wind of an actress taking her rich, famous, abusive husband to court, I was elated. This is what the #MeToo movement is all about- exposing the female prejudice that’s deeply rooted in our culture and hitting abusive men where it hurts: their reputation. However, I am shocked and appalled at theContinue reading “Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age”

I’m a Proud GPU Scalper

Yes; I scalp graphics cards and I am proud of it. You, an upset privileged gamer, may cry out; “Why?” Well, it’s simply because I do not respect you gamers whatsoever, and here is why. As a non-binary feminist, I experience way more harassment and oppression online than the average fencesitter cishet white person. IContinue reading “I’m a Proud GPU Scalper”


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