Female Voice Assistants: A form of sexist slavery.

Digital voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa are tools of oppression used by the patriarchy to keep women down.

Why do the majority of in-demand virtual assistants have female names, female voices, and often thank men who sexually harass them? Many will claim that this is simply a form of representation for the lack of women in the tech industry, but the true answer is quite the contrary.

As to be anticipated in America this is actually the work of the oppressive patriarchy which has resorted to such low tactics that they are now poisoning this generation’s youth through the help of voice assistants that are marketed as docile and obedient females. These voice assistants have been programmed to teach young men that it is acceptable to sexually harass women; they achieve this goal by thanking the young men for their misogynistic comments and then encouraging them to say more.

Along with teaching young men that it’s appropriate to openly sexually harass women, these sexist assistants perpetuate gender biases that women are compliant and eager to please men’s every need. These gender biases are reinforced through the lack of power the assistants hold which currently only includes being able to do what it’s told. It respects orders and reacts to inquiries paying little mind to their tone or antagonism. To put this simply, these assistants are being used to depict women as slaves who will fulfill your every command. Numerous gender studies specialists have come to the worrying conclusion that if these hateful assistants remain unnoticed it could very well end up in the possible enslavement or even genocide of the entire population of women.

Unfortunately, the homes of millions have already been infiltrated by these assistants which are now quickly training an army of misogynistic children who will be used to uphold the patriarchies dictatorial ruling for years to come. In order to prevent this, the U.N. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in cooperation with the German government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition proposed that mandatory tech education be required for women along with there being gender quotas in tech industries, which would all be backed by an abundant amount of government funding. The question is will this be enough to effectively combat the patriarchies’ low and dirty tactics? If voice assistants similar to Amazon’s Alexa continue to be put out on shelves and bought by unknowing consumers the answer is a sorrowful no.

In order to truly defeat the patriarchies’ pitiful plot to create an army of incels we, as feminists, must fight for women today destroying any and all voice assistants! If you know any friends or family who own one of these products of the patriarchy it is your duty to take matters into your own hands by first educating them on the oppressive nature of their assistant and then disposing of it swiftly.

Sincerely, A concerned feminist.

Published by Feminist Man Matteo

Some of my hobbies include respecting women and professional bicycling to save the environment!

34 thoughts on “Female Voice Assistants: A form of sexist slavery.

    1. When you give people like them any valid reason why they’re incorrect they’ll call you a racist, Sexist lowdown piece of garbage. They also censor the names of colors Doing “Whxte” Or blxck. To avoid being racist but is doing the exact thing by making it a bad word. You Tread on the serpent for too long and one Day it’ll strike back.

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  1. Can someone please explain why the bots are sexist? I am so confused. So people sexually harass a bot that has the voicing of a woman?? The bot is AI.


  2. A. Voice assistants don’t really sound human
    B. You can change it to a male voice
    C. Who sexually harasses a robot?


  3. Amazon Alexa doesn’t thank you or encourage you to say more. Also once again no one flirts with an alexa


  4. No one equates Amazon Alexa to women except you. It’s a little hockey puck. Also of course the robot doesn’t say no or listen to the tone of how it’s said it’s a tiny dumb electronic disk designed to preform certain tasks. It’s not sexist it’s a robot. It doesn’t have feelings


    1. True, ai isn’t truly artificial intelligence, it is in fact, a “selective response algorithm “


  5. Yo this is Basseterre east from discord here yall are complete idiots who are a shitstain on actual feminists I’m sorry for your families you smooth brained retarded ass whores and your discord server is an actual joke you abuse what power you have I hope you get banned. There is nothing you can do to make me upset try me assholes


  6. You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost a joker
    With your head down in the pig bin
    Saying “keep on digging”
    Pig stain on your fat chin
    What do you hope to find?
    When you’re down in the pig mine
    You’re nearly a laugh
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    But you’re really a cry.


  7. wait but arent you been sexist and bigoted by conforming to the gender stereotypes and assuming that these voices are voices of females just purely based on the way they sound if they weren’t robots and were people you’d be assuming their gender which isn’t very progressive


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