Elden Ring is Sexist and should be Boycotted

It’s no surprise to many who follow the Feminist movement that video games can be one of the biggest cultural contributors to misogyny in the 21st Century; from the overly sexualised and violent ways you can act towards women in Grand Theft Auto, to the domestication and belittling of potential protagonists in games such as Pacman,Continue reading “Elden Ring is Sexist and should be Boycotted”

I’m a Proud GPU Scalper

Yes; I scalp graphics cards and I am proud of it. You, an upset privileged gamer, may cry out; “Why?” Well, it’s simply because I do not respect you gamers whatsoever, and here is why. As a non-binary feminist, I experience way more harassment and oppression online than the average fencesitter cishet white person. IContinue reading “I’m a Proud GPU Scalper”

Dear Parents: Stop Letting Your Children Play Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a stepping stone towards a racist state of mind. Animal Crossing was released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020 and has gathered quite the cult following from adults all the way down to children. Many people have praised this game for it’s incredible graphics, real-time game play and interactive events.Continue reading “Dear Parents: Stop Letting Your Children Play Animal Crossing”