Dear Men: Stop Working Out

Physical fitness creates a cycle of toxic masculinity that must be eradicated.

Toxic masculinity refers to the cultural norms in a patriarchal society that equates masculinity with control, aggression and violence. Men are conditioned from a young age to believe that emotion, compassion and empathy are somehow “unmanly”.

One of the main tactics used by those in power of a male-driven society is the exploitation of physical strength. Western governments use propaganda to perpetuate a narrative that men must work out and maintain a level of physical fitness if they want to be respected in society. This belief was created purposefully as a way to ensure that the patriarchal agenda lives on by continuing to force women into submission via intimidation.

Example of toxic masculinity

Women are, on average, intellectually superior to men. This intellectual maturity allows them to have a greater hold on their emotions when faced with confrontation. In comparison, the fragility of toxic masculinity creates an atmosphere where men feel the need to prove themselves as an “Alpha”, resulting in extreme aggression and physical confrontation. This reaction is enhanced when levels of testosterone are increased in the male body through physical fitness.

Studies have shown that signs of aggression in male dogs decreased exponentially following castration. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, veterinarian and behavior specialist says, “Neutering your male [dog] has valuable behavior benefits. It can minimize numerous unwanted behaviors, prevent frustrations and improve quality of life”. The same logic can be applied here to human males – the lower the testosterone, the happier the man and the safer the society.

Unfortunately, castration is not an option for humans at this point in time due to the lack of research in the field of synthetically engineered sperm which is necessary for procreation.

– Anonymous Medical Doctor with a PhD.

As a progressive society, we must acknowledge the fact that increased volumes of testosterone and the lack of emotional intelligence amongst men is being used as a weapon by our government to control the cycle of misogynistic oppression towards women.

To the woke males out there: You need to take accountability for your fellow man’s actions and make a conscientious effort to put an end to this form of sexism. Don’t remain a sheep for the rest of your life.

A concerned feminist.

Unbiased Katie, Journalist.


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  1. Yas queen! I will now become a fat ass and die early due to lack of exercise! I will also cut off my balls so that I don’t spread toxic masculinity!

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