Dear Gamers: Stop Playing Video Games.

It’s 2021. COVID-19 is rampant in your city and you are stuck at home with nothing to do. You decide to turn on your gaming console and play some games, believing that it’s a fun way to pass the time without causing harm to those around you. This belief is wrong.

The chemical that your brain produces when you play video games is the same chemical that your brain produces when you commit murder – adrenaline. Gaming is condoning violence by programming you to be addicted to the high you get from playing and eventually you’ll end up committing an actual crime just to be able to feel that high again. Similarly, video games like GTA normalize murder and theft, making the player struggle with their own sense of morality in the real world.

Video games also have a deep rooted connection to male pattern violence. Most action based games do a number of other things to the brain that compound and accentuate the effects of adrenaline in men. For example, there is oftentimes subliminal messaging found in video games. These subliminal messages can range between making you want to spend money on in-game purchases, to internalizing the game’s message of violence and misogyny. Men are more at risk to these subliminal messaging techniques than women due to their lack of emotional maturity.

Action based games are designed so that your brain releases dopamine while you’re already pumped up on adrenaline. This is a dangerous mix to have as it causes your brain to associate the feeling of happiness with that adrenaline rush.

Shaun Wilson, ex video game player.

A person usually begins playing video games at a young age. The child in question may start off with games such as Animal Crossing or Nintendogs. These games are quite mellow but do their job at getting the player hooked to their console. Soon enough, the game becomes boring as their brain isn’t getting the same adrenaline rush it once got when they originally started playing. This will lead the child to want to play more violent games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty or Wolfenstein and they may be more susceptible to alt-right recruitment tactics on the web.

Example of an alt-right webpage

One of the most concerning factors of the de-sensitizing nature of violence in video games is that males are, on average, more naturally violent and aggressive than their female counterparts. This is due to a number of factors, the most important being the amount of testosterone in their bodies and their lack of emotional capability. Eventually, even the most violent of video games will lose their edge and some people, men in particular, will look elsewhere for their kicks. This can be seen in the form of reckless driving all the way to participating in public displays of aggression.

Gaming is it’s very own form of addiction.

Many people disagree with this point of view. What I would ask of those who disagree with me is to explain the concept of “burnout”. Burnout has very similar symptoms to that of withdrawal – the only fix is to play more extreme games or to take things to the next level outside of virtual reality. A similar thing happens when you take drugs – a person builds up a tolerance to the substance and needs to up their dosage.

I personally take issue with the fact that many game developers try to get the public to turn a blind eye to this. I have no doubt in my mind that gaming corporations spend million of dollars a year on crooked studies and propaganda on how games don’t cause violence. It is all smoke and mirrors. We cannot, in good conscience, continue to finance the poisoning of our youth in this way.

A concerned Feminist.

Unbiased Katie, Journalist.


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71 thoughts on “Dear Gamers: Stop Playing Video Games.

  1. This is so true. I used to play videogames until last year when I was watching the news and I saw that someone had killed someone. Normal, right? EXCEPT:::: HE WAS A GAMER. This is what opened my eyes and made me fully believe in feminism.


    1. Literally anyone who believes this and supports feminism doesn’t use their brains or they’re all just mentally challenged.

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      1. Yes, you have to be a women to not be a criminal! Minecraft is poisoning young boys!


    2. This is so flawed, first of all burnout doesn’t drive others t commit murder,if anything it gets people to stop playing games. Also parents who allow their kids to play games like GTA are the problem, not the game, there’s a reason it’s MA15+. Furthermore, not anyone can get a dopamine rush from actual murder, it requires a very specific type of person who commits murder. The rush I get from video games is from actually doing well. Video games do not cause violence, stop blaming it on that, that’s the problem with society. We blame these things on video games not a more systemic violence

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  2. My gosh.. Gxming is the worst, I had a friend recently who had gotten into “gta 5” and ended up in jail eventually for some malicious acts of violence at our school.


  3. There is so much false information here I don’t even know where to begin. First off Sex, and exercise cause adrenaline many things cause adrenaline . That’s completely normal . Also multiple studies have proven video games do not cause violence , most people who say video games cause violence are old people who have never ever played video games before .

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    1. every single time i play videogames i want to kill someone, just get a knife and end their life
      even when im just mining in minecraft


  4. This is a great and informative article. Thank you Katie and all the people involved for everything you have done for us


  5. OMGosh, I agree with everything that was said here. I see so many people play video games, and it just breaks my heart to see all the young children growing up with normalized violence. I think that video games should be banned, because they cause so much harm.


  6. I mean, sure but how the hell you know the adrenaline you get from doing murder is the same as the one you get from playing video games…. Unles……

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  7. shut the fuck up. violent games like gta, cod, wolfenstein, etc. exist is because people want to have fun. its a perfectly legal substitute for real world violence. its not “normalizing” it. meanwhile you’re gonna be normalizing indoctrination of CHILDREN for your complete BULLSHIT cause in elementary school. istg men would be really oppressed if you lead a country

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  8. Of course it loops back to politics without politics people like you don’t have an identity its honestly pathetic, also correlation isn’t causation and video games have been proven to not increase violent behavior in a sane individual.


  9. So true!!!!!
    I was a hardcore gamer for over 10 years and now since covid started i have turned away from that hateful lifestyle


  10. This is so true though. Sheeple cannot realize the inherent COLONISTIC, EUROCENTRIC undertones of this game. Back then, it was perfectly normal to colonize the “barbarian, uncultured” countries to give them a “better life.” It is exactly similar to how perfectly NORMAL we see this game right now. DISGUSTING! This is because of WHITE PRIVILEGE!


  11. Wow, this is like saying that playing Beam.NG Drive leads to vehichilar manslaughter, and that Derail Valley leads to train murder


  12. Fun fact:
    The person who wrote this killed their dog because it was, “homophobic” and has consistently denied that from being true even when it has been proven.


  13. yeah thats totally true! We should ban gaming, because it can cause violent tendencies! Also, we should ban jobs because its another way of opression – we (exept white males) should get money for free (it can be printed, right?) so we can sit all day on twitter and show the world how much of a special snowflakes we are and how much we are opressed in this cruel, cruel world…

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