Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age

When I first caught wind of an actress taking her rich, famous, abusive husband to court, I was elated. This is what the #MeToo movement is all about- exposing the female prejudice that’s deeply rooted in our culture and hitting abusive men where it hurts: their reputation. However, I am shocked and appalled at the public reaction to Amber Heard taking a stand against Intimate Partner Violence. Imagine my shock when I realized that the men had one final trick up their sleeve. In a disgusting attempt to propagate his abuse, Johnny Depp has ordered his army of incel keyboard warriors to orchestrate a smear campaign against a feminist icon. 

I’m sure this claim seems outrageous at first. Further investigation, however, has revealed the truth. Johnny Depp has exploited the media in a barbaric attempt to gaslight Amber. It’s disgraceful for Depp to pretend like a womxn having an extramarital relationship is not acceptable. I doubt he was able to satisfy Amber, so she naturally looked elsewhere. And her search ended when she met James Franco. Wow! He’s a looker. If I had the choice between James Franco and my husband, I’d move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat. And since my husband isn’t an abusive piece of trash, he’d completely understand and wouldn’t sue me out of jealousy. You think that proves Depp’s guilt? We’ve only just begun investigating.

Take a look at the foundation of Depp’s testimony, where he claimed that his partner defecated on his bed. Is anyone actually taking this seriously? This is coming from the mouth of someone who has direct access to the bedroom in question. It would be extremely easy for Johnny to bribe (or blackmail!) an innocent person to poop on his behalf. And do you see ANY news organizations even considering this possibility? The answer is no. Yet another clear indication that a conspiracy has manipulated our headlines. Well, Mr. Depp, hear this. You have obviously underestimated the tenacity of a girlboss who’s had enough of your abuse. If Amber can beat Hollywood culture and become a massively popular activist, she can beat a spineless excuse for an actor. You think raising your hand at a powerful womxn will silence her? Think again. 

I know, dear reader, that many questions are probably on your mind. Mainly “How can something like this happen in 2022? How can a critically acclaimed actress have her reputation dragged through the mud by some C-list celebrity?”  Well, it’s evident that for all the progress the feminist movement has made in the past few years, men have not taken kindly to the concept of gender equality. This only goes to show that misogyny as an integral part of American culture. However, ladies, do not despair! Although it may be demoralizing that such a shameful display of anti-womxn sentiment goes unpunished, we must never give up. No matter how many men whine and cry, the future is clear. Feminism. Will. Win.

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15 thoughts on “Amber Heard: A Survivor of Misogyny in the Modern Age

  1. You’re mainly wrong but I’ll skip listing the many reasons why and stick to this: most of what you guys produce and proport as “feminism” is actually radicalisation and a form of extremism, it is propaganda with no factual backing or proof, 90% of what you guys spout is speculation and the last 10% is nonsense made to help mold innocent and malleable minds into thinking/saying/doing whatever you deem appropriate, Everything you say is hate speech while spouting about hate speech, it is unacceptable in this day and age and you should be utterly ashamed of what you say and do on the Internet, make an op-Ed about this next time.


    1. And on top of that, your entire server is hypocritical and idiotic. For example, boycotting fortnite because Martin Luther King was added because that meant “black people would be on the back of the bus” that is absolute absurd, a bit like Amber heard defense and her lawyer, it is a game that is meant to entertain and be fun for people, it is not racist nor can it be racist. On top of this, your server is all about “being feminist and not allowing any hate speech or violence towards minorities” while simultaneously promoting all of that against white males. Your server/cult leader, Katie, claims to be a white woman of colour, however, as a white man with a coloured family history set in Western Europe and southern Africa, I find it absolutely disgusting that she would claim to be of colour, she has absolute no right and should be sterilised to help reduce the likeliness of more idiotic, misinformed people being birthed and spouting their idiotic opinions and would stop absolute morons from claiming that they are “white women of colour”, I absolute dare you guys(I said guys on purpose, women are inferior) to make a video or op-Ed on this and tag my feminist friend, his server handle is @frizziy, and see what he says about you then, lots of love, your friendly neighbourhood masculinist, Alex “Johnny Depp is right” Kortekaas.


    2. I want everyone to see how insane the people who defend Johnny Depp actually are. Look at the mental gymnastics you need to do to support a domestic abuser.


  2. Just an example. Dear Amber wanted the dogs she claimed Johnny wanted to kill one of them by throwing it out of the car. She gave them to daddy dearest, who got thrown in jail for animal abuse. Nevermind that she was already in jail for beating her ex-wife. We’ve seen marks on Elon Musk and Johnny Depp as well. And we have recordings that she did indeed cut his finger off. We’ve seen a picture that were photoshopped which she sent to the sun, the original one with no make-up and the one on the cover of the Sun with dark bruises. The picture she showed after Johnny broke her nose looks seriously fake compared to women who were actually abused. Yes, you can say that Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis are biased, but his relationship with Kate Moss was volatile and yet she said that he showed nothing but kindness to her. Seriously if you can’t see she’s acting on the stand, then you’re just sexist yourself.


  3. How can you be this ignorant? Just because she is a woman doesn’t automatically make her the victim. Sites/Articles/Authors like this are whats currently wrong with the world.


  4. Really feminist have lost there brain they are so high with there attitude that they think what ever they say is right and what ever they do is right everyone know how Jonny depp is 100% correct and not just him even many other male who have been back stabbed by woman and still world don’t want to see how shameful it is that world don’t want to hear nor to see the truth


  5. “Unbiased journalism,” this is literally just your opinions about him, it doesn’t bring up more than a few speculations about the actual case.


  6. This is really gross you guys. I’m really disappointed in your guys’ “journalism”. I’m a woman and a survivor of abuse. There is 0 proof that Johnny Depp abused Amber Heard and there is video, audio, and witness testimony that she abused him. As a survivor or domestic violence, you’re virtue signaling is having the opposite affect. Read the room. Y’all are abuser-apologists AND victim-blamers. Kudos


  7. There are so many things that are wrong with this article but I don’t have any time nor fucks to give up to this author I was thinking about getting into feminism but The community is so toxic


  8. This person as well as their discord is extremely toxic, sexist, and idiotic. To them, all men are evil from birth, all women can do no harm. If you speak in their discord against any of this they will mute you, spout bullshit about why they think you are wrong and think they are triumphant (because you cannot speak back while muted by their mods).
    I finally got one of their lackey cucks named Jake in the voice to actually speak and he tried to speak over me while I spoke back. Poor little guy can’t handle someone actually masculine and banned me. Absolute scum feeders this lot, do not believe a damn thing they write because they will have you believe a woman can murder freely and you will end up in jail acting on their opinions.


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