Dear Parents: Stop Letting Your Children Play Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a stepping stone towards a racist state of mind.

Animal Crossing was released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020 and has gathered quite the cult following from adults all the way down to children. Many people have praised this game for it’s incredible graphics, real-time game play and interactive events. It has been easy, therefore, for Nintendo to hide the racist undertones of this game.

We begin the game by landing on an indigenous island, bringing foreign foods and plants to the terrain. Immediately upon arrival we are introduced to Tom Nook and his cronies/nephews, Timmy and Tommy. Nook instructs you to begin laying the foundations for new infrastructure, essentially colonizing the island. This is reminiscent of the plantations that took place in countries such as the United States, Spain and regions of East Africa. It doesn’t help that we as the player are then given the opportunity to rename the island.

After completing the initials tasks laid out to you by Nook, we are then introduced to your two animal neighbors. It becomes clear almost immediately that we are the only human inhabitant on the island. Do you see a problem yet?

Throughout history, the natives of most colonized lands have been referred to as savages, animals and vermin. It is a racist ploy used by western governments to dehumanize and devalue anyone who doesn’t fit their narrative of what a person should look like. The same can be said for Animal Crossing.

Example of Human Player with “Savage” Neighbor

Players are encouraged to set up a Museum on their Island, fitted with glass cages, bars and display cases. Despite the fact that your own neighbors are animals, we are encouraged to go out and capture other species, insects and fish to force into captivity. These museum attractions are given even less of a standing than our animal neighbors are, with the game removing their ability to talk or act in any way human.

In Nazi Germany prior to World War II, a similar event took place.

It is difficult not to notice the similarities between the Museum in Animal Crossing and that of Concentration Camps in WW2. Nazi propaganda created depictions of Jewish people as less than human. Animal Crossing removes all human characteristics of the species we capture. In both scenarios, the rest of the population treats their enslavement as a normal aspect of life.

Example of Animal Crossing Propaganda VS Nazi Propaganda

Not only can we force the animals into captivity, we can also sell them in the store for profit. This can be compared to modern day slave trading. This is a dangerous precedent to set for our children who play this game. It trains their brain to believe that some races are better than others, and that some classes of people deserve to live in better quality conditions.

Knowing what we now know about the racial undertones of this game, I am asking parents everywhere to stop allowing their children to play Animal Crossing. It is crucial that we avoid any further brainwashing of the youth.

A Concerned Feminist.

Unbiased Katie, Journalist.


Published by Only Feminists

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43 thoughts on “Dear Parents: Stop Letting Your Children Play Animal Crossing

  1. Don’t you even dare bring this to World War Two. You should be ashamed of yourself. I supported you all until I saw this. Why don’t you go slam Pokémon for capturing animals. You’d look smarter doing that

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  2. I support you so much Katie! I would like to apologize for the awful behavior I partook in on your discord server. I am ashamed and embarrassed over my actions and any hurt they may have caused. Sincerely, Skooma Addict


  3. It doesn’t make sense your argument about how the game portraits natives as animals, it’s portrayed like this because to apeal children and give them an unique personality. Also, you can not compare Animal Crossing to nazi Germany because it manipulated people with the Mass Media, it’s not as simple as putting random stuff that people doesn’t give to much attention, these hidden messages are normally on publicity that people see everyday, while in the game the museum thing was a simple mecanic to give the player something to collect. You also forgot that Japanese children catch bugs for fun, don’t forget that the game was done by Nintendo, a Japanese company.


  4. How the hell can you relate SELLING FISH to, THE LITERAL HOLOCAUST. None of this makes any sense whatsoever, you probably think that minecraft is supporting slave labor when you trade with villagers. God, some people disgust me


  5. No wonder no one takes the feminist movement serious. What the fuck ist wrong with you by comparing a fucking video game to Nazi Germany and slavery?


  6. Not only are you wrong, but you also suffer from brain damage! Sadly after reading this I do too 😦

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  7. Who’s here after you saw her ‘Dear men: stop working out’ article lmaoooooo the more i read from this clown the more I wish I could forget about anything I’ve read of hers

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  8. You are comparing a Nintendo game to world war ll… you are downplaying the millions of lives lost in that war by comparing it to something so trivial


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